Vanderpump Rules Season 11: Trailer, Cast, Premiere Date, and Everything Else There is to Know


    At one point, all signs indicated that Vanderpump Rules Season 10 would end the long-running Bravo series.

    With dwindling ratings, one too many cheating scandals, and cast changes, the show was growing stale.

    We thought the cast would throw one last party and sip on pumptinis as they reminisced about the good old days.

    Season 11 Cast - Vanderpump Rules

    Then, out of nowhere, Scandoval broke and sent ratings soaring, and the show became bigger than it ever was.

    Vanderpump Rules was everywhere, and now, it’s almost time to dive back into that universe.

    Below, we’re rounding up everything there is to know about Vanderpump Rules Season 11.

    Ariana Madix for Season 11 - Vanderpump Rules

    Vanderpump Rules: When Will Season 11 Premiere?

    We heard the show would premiere in early 2024, and now we have our date.

    Is Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Shaping Up to be a Disappointment?

    The Emmy Award-nominated series will return on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

    Episodes will be made available on Peacock the next day.

    Katie Maloney for Season 11 - Vanderpump Rules

    Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Cast: Who’s In?

    Bravo has confirmed the returning cast members and dropped some of their storylines for the season ahead.

    As a mentor, ally and confidant to the group, Lisa Vanderpump is working to restore some peace between two feuding exes as she attempts to provide perspective.

    With the closing of West Hollywood mainstay PUMP, Lisa is refocusing her expertise on opening a new restaurant in Lake Tahoe and continuing her success with additional ventures in Las Vegas.

    Lisa Vanderpump for Season 11 - Vanderpump Rules

    Ariana Madix’s life was turned upside down after a devastating breakup, but she’s determined to make the best of a difficult situation.

    Although she still shares a home with her ex, Ariana is moving on and dating a new long-distance boyfriend.

    While working to open the doors to her and Katie’s sandwich shop, Something About Her, Ariana is embracing the countless opportunities that have come her way – from a stint on “Dancing with the Stars” to a new cocktail book.

    Recently proclaimed #1 guy in the group, James Kennedy‘s friendships within the circle are stronger than ever and his DJ career is booming.

    James for Season 11 - Vanderpump Rules

    He bought a house in the Valley and is settling into suburban life with his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, along with their cat and a dog from James’ past.

    With more distance from her divorce, Katie Maloney is exploring life as a single woman and dating, even if her pursuits strike too close to home for her ex-husband, Tom.

    Rachel Leviss Not Returning to Vanderpump Rules

    A previous indiscretion comes to light and threatens to upend her and Scheana’s renewed friendship as well as her cordial post-divorce relationship with Tom.

    With permit hold-ups and ongoing issues, Something About Her is a work in progress, and opening a restaurant is proving to be more challenging than anticipated. ·

    Lala Kent for Season 11 - Vanderpump Rules

    Lala Kent is still in the midst of a challenging custody battle, but being the best mom to Ocean remains her priority. Wanting to give her daughter a sibling, Lala explores fertility treatments and looks for a sperm donor as a single mother.

    She finds an unlikely connection with Tom Schwartz, forming a friendship that neither saw coming, but creating tension between her and the rest of the girls as her forgiveness for the Toms grows. 

    Celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary, Scheana Shay and husband Brock Davies are struggling to connect as they leave the honeymoon stage and settle into their life with a toddler.

    Scheana Shay - Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 1

    Scheana works on new music as a way to express herself and cope with her postpartum OCD.

    She finds herself straddling the lines in the sand within the group as she navigates her relationships with her longtime friends, and feuding exes, Ariana and Tom.

    In the aftermath of a scandal that changed his romantic relationships, dynamics within the group and the success of his businesses, Tom Sandoval is working on bettering himself.

    In a fragile state, he focuses on repairing the foundations of his friendships. When he isn’t on the road touring with his band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras, he and Ariana live under the same roof … locked in a stalemate for the house.

    Tom Schwartz for Season 11 - Vanderpump Rules

    Tom Schwartz is mending a challenged friendship after taking the heat for his part in his best friend’s shocking deception.

    Embracing a new identity, Tom bleaches his hair, evades exclusivity with a friend-potentially-turned-girlfriend, and winds up in a surprising love triangle with a new flame and his ex-wife.

    Jax Taylor is also staging a comeback, even if the official press release doesn’t mention it.

    In the trailer, he confronts Lisa about how he was ostracized from the group.

    Jax Taylor attends a Young Hollywood Screening of

    Will he have thought about why he was iced out and made changes to seek forgiveness?

    Don’t make me laugh.

    Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Trailer: SO. MUCH. DRAMA.

    Just when I thought the show would deliver the most predictable season yet, the trailer proves otherwise.

    There’s plenty of drama on the horizon, including:

    Tom Sandoval for Season 11 - Vanderpump Rules

    – Lala lashing out about Ariana’s star rising overnight after the cheating bombshell goes public.

    – A kiss between Scheana and Schwartz from back in the day causing a division between her and her friends.

    Vanderpump Rules Spinoff Ordered at Bravo

    – Sandoval calling Scheana the other woman from the past. That’s a low blow but a surefire way to get a reaction from Scheana.

    – Sandoval hinting that he’s still in love with Rachel Leviss. Given the drama between them off the show, we’re inclined to believe they don’t rekindle that romance.

    – Katie is navigating dating and possibly having the same girlfriend as her ex.

    It’s a lot, and you can dive into the first footage below.

    Where Can I Watch Vanderpump Rules?

    Vanderpump Rules is a Bravo series, so episodes will air linearly every week.

    But fear not, streaming Fanatics! Episodes will land on Peacock the following day.

    What are your thoughts on everything you’re hearing about the show so far?

    Hit the comments.

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