Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Missing While Homeless


    In a way, this confirmed what we’ve suspected for a while now.

    We’ve suspected that Sir has something broken in him emotionally; Gabi and Sir have a complicated dynamic, and we haven’t seen the last of it.

    Found Season 1 Episode 8 was uber-focused on fleshing out the bizarreness of Gabi and Sir’s relationship while the team worked on a case of a missing person who was homeless.

    Missing While Homeless - Found

    It was a bit disappointing when, in the first few minutes, the episode confirmed what some of us had thought when Trent revealed that Sir had been spotted near Gabi’s house – that it was to bait us to watch this episode.

    Gabi returned home, and her first order of business was to check if Sir had escaped, but she found him sleeping like a child who had a long day playing and couldn’t help falling asleep after a shower.

    At the Table - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    It would be dishonest to say that we weren’t prepared to witness the aftermath of Sir’s supposed escape. It would have been a wild hunt, and the truth would come out.

    It is the most significant thing looming on the show and would mark a great turning point in the narrative. What the show does before and after Gabi’s secret comes out will define it.

    Speaking of Gabi Mosley, she took center stage, and understandably so. Her worst nightmare threatened to haunt her while awake, and that’s not an enviable position.

    She spent most of the hour trying to keep a straight face as multiple people came dangerously close to finding her secret in the basement.

    Investigating With Gabi - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    Her constant look of horror and how she kept changing faces to present a particular image was haunting.

    She was feeling relatively low most of the time but had to put on a happy face in front of people, and apart from being exhausting, that does something to someone’s emotional balance.

    That said, some things about Gabi came up, and they weren’t that good. Gabi is diligent, strong, hardworking, and has a lot of other positive traits. Yet, she has one significant shortcoming that if she were ever to meet her downfall, it would be the thing that brings her down.

    Gabi is a great liar, and there is no line she won’t cross to cover herself.

    Mark Converses With Gabi - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    I don’t think she has taken the time to acknowledge that Mark was fired on Found Season 1 Episode 6 from a job that means everything to him, just so that he could help her.

    Gabi peddles half-truths, which, while they are not lies entirely, their effect is the same. She uses known facts and takes cover in them.

    The locks on the basement door are there to help me feel safe at night. If there was one thing I hoped you learn from being a part of M&A, it is that we don’t judge each other for how we cope.


    The survivors at M&A all have something out of the ordinary that they do to try and feel a sense of safety or control. Gabi knew that and used it with Lacey to avoid telling the truth. She didn’t have to tell the truth but shouldn’t have used the team’s fears against Lacey.

    With her casual disregard for the law and ease with telling lies, Gabi is toying with becoming a villain, and redeeming her might become an uphill task.

    Mark on the Phone - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    The episode dove into the complicated nature of Gabi and Sir’s relationship, and just like we have suspected throughout Found Season 1, there was a lot there.

    Mark: I vetted these 13 sightings myself. The yellow dots are Sir; red dots are you.
    Gabi: Eight dots overlap in places.
    Mark: Exactly!
    Gabi: He was following me. For 20 years, he was following me.
    Mark: That appears to be the case.
    Gabi: When I was at NYU.
    Mark: He was spotted a mile away.
    Gabi: New Orleans, he was there too.

    It became clear that they had co-dependency, even if it was heavily skewed towards Sir.

    He was complexly entangled emotionally with Gabi, and another question intruding on our thoughts became a legitimate query. What happened to him to make him so twisted that he looked to recreate a family unit with the children he’d kidnapped?

    Sir: What was her new name now, Lacey?
    Gabi: I will take your life if you…
    Sir: You don’t get to make the threats anymore. I’ve evaded the police for 20 years; they can’t catch me. So, here’s a promise: if you ever end us, if you ever let me go, or if you ever tried to turn me in, the first thing I’ll do is end Lacey’s life. That’s a promise.

    The obvious thing was that he might have lost his actual family in some freak accident, and he never recovered from that.

    Dhan and Gabi Face a Gun - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    The hour found the team working on bringing a missing person home, and like most of their clients, he also existed on the margins of society.

    Homelessness is not a simple issue, and if one’s never been homeless, one cannot entirely understand the situation. Most people blame homelessness on laziness, but it is a little more complex.

    If you want to know how hard it can be, try assuming that you don’t have shelter for one night and spend the night wherever you may, and come the following morning, you’ll have a different outlook on the issue.

    Did I mention having a myriad of physical and mental issues that drive people to or arise from homelessness?

    Anton Paints - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    In Sampson’s case, it was intense trauma arising from the loss of his family that drove him into homelessness. How could he stay in a house when he’d “burned his entire family” in one?

    Should he use his late wife’s life insurance to set himself up, knowing very well “he was responsible for her death?”

    It was a horrible mental state to be in, and every November, there was a reminder of that horrendous occurrence.

    Through his story, the show touched on issues that face homeless people apart from the obvious.

    Dhan Hugs Mack Season 1 Episode 8

    Having no shelter leaves someone exposed to nefarious intentions from awful people who deem homeless people as less. Sexual abuse happens to many homeless people, and it’s not talked about enough.

    The lives led by homeless people can leave them so destitute that they fall into drug abuse and suicide. If you factor in Sampson’s mental state, suicide becomes more attractive.

    Sir used the tattoos on Sampson’s body to try and figure him out, and what he came up with was too clean. It was almost like he’d experienced it.

    Was Sir responsible for the death of the family we assume he had?

    I was also curious to know what Sir did to warrant him having such vast knowledge about issues. Sure, he did love to read, but why?

    The episode saw an emotional battle between Sir and Gabi as he sought to gain the upper hand after the blow Gabi dealt him in Found Season 1 Episode 3.

    It went to confirm further that the emotional engagement the two had with each other was beyond anything anyone could fathom.

    Teen Gabi told him to let the stray cat go, and he listened. Adult Sir wanted to be told he was loved, and Gabi said it even if she walked it back later.

    Lacey Checks In With Zeke - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    Sir: Who’s that woman?
    Gabi: She’s none of your business.
    Sir: Tell me that you need me.
    Gabi: What?
    Sir: Tell me that you need me.
    Gabi: I need you.
    Sir: Tell me that I’m your partner.
    Gabi: Fine, you are my partner. Now, stay quiet.
    Sir: Tell me that you love me.
    Gabi: Hell no!
    Sir: What would that woman do if I screamed if she found me chained up like this? What would happen to the great heroic Gabrielle Mosley? As you said, nobody would care about me. But you.. you would go down in flames. Tell me that you love me.
    Gabi: You son of a bitch! I…
    Sir: Closer.
    Gabi: I love you.

    Did Sir want to hear that, or was it one of his tricks to wreck Gabi emotionally?

    Intrusive Thoughts

    • The money question will never stop bothering me. Somehow, they take a case from someone who cannot pay, and, in the end, it turns out the man had a lot of money all along.

    • The show is developing something between Zeke and Lacey, which won’t make the Dhan and Zeke shippers happy. Is it too early to let go of expectations?
    Zeke and Lacey Hang Out - Found Season 1 Episode 8

    • Why has Dhan’s husband been absent? We won’t forget the writers insinuated that Dhan’s husband was also his therapist, and that’s interesting.

    • While Gabi can fool Lacey, she can’t fool Zeke’s computers, and he noticed the pacing man in her house. This secret must come out.

    Over to you, Found fanatics. I found Gabi and Sir’s antics comical to some extent. What about you?

    Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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