A Cold Grave Movie Review


    Dude, horror movies are my jam. The jump scares, the creepy atmosphere – I live for that stuff. But lately, found footage films have felt like reheated leftovers. Same shaky cam, same predictable plots, you know the drill? So, when I saw “A Cold Grave” pop up – a whole haunted forest mystery thing – I was like, “Finally, something fresh!” Let’s see if this flick can scare the socks off me, or if it’s just another yawn-fest. Prepare to be mildly terrified, because we’re diving headfirst into “A Cold Grave.”

    “A Cold Grave” throws you right into the thick of it. We meet Roger, a dude clearly stressed to the max, filming himself in the woods. Turns out his sister, Kaylee, vanished there with some friends, and let’s just say Roger ain’t buying the “lost” story. He’s convinced the local legends about the place being haunted are true, and armed with his camera (because duh, found footage), he sets off to find his sister.

    Now, I gotta say, the atmosphere in this movie is killer. The woods are dark, dense, and the kind of place that makes you want to crank up the brightness on your TV. There’s this constant feeling of something being just out of sight, and the sounds – twigs snapping, leaves rustling – had me on edge the whole time. Plus, Roger’s desperation is palpable. This dude is clearly scared out of his mind, but his love for his sister keeps him pushing forward.

    One thing I noticed right away is that this film spends a lot of time with Roger. We see him talk to himself, vent his frustrations, the whole nine yards. It’s a bold choice, because some viewers might find it boring. But for me, it actually worked. It made me feel invested in Roger’s journey and really root for him to find Kaylee. Plus, Benjamin L. Newmark, the actor playing Roger, delivers a surprisingly good performance. Here’s a guy who’s just winging it with improvised dialogue, and he manages to be believable and even kind of funny at times.

    A Cold Grave

    Alright, things get interesting from here. Remember how I mentioned Roger wasn’t alone in the woods? Yeah, it turns out Kaylee actually recorded some footage before she disappeared. The movie cuts back and forth between Roger’s frantic search and these glimpses into Kaylee’s experience. Here’s the thing, though – the editing on Kaylee’s footage feels a little too polished for genuine found footage, you know? Like, suspiciously clean cuts and stuff. It kind of takes you out of the moment, but hey, maybe that’s the point. Maybe there’s more to this story than just a haunted forest.

    Speaking of the scares, “A Cold Grave” definitely delivers on that front. The filmmakers rely more on suspense and what you don’t see lurking in the shadows, which I personally appreciate. There are a few jump scares sprinkled in for good measure, but they never feel cheap or predictable. However, the pacing can be a bit of a drag at times. There are moments where Roger just wanders through the woods for what feels like forever, not much happening. It’s like the movie forgets it’s supposed to be scary and takes a breather.

    “A Cold Grave” is a mixed bag. It’s got a fantastic atmosphere, a compelling central character, and some genuinely creepy moments. But the shaky editing of the found footage and the occasional pacing issues hold it back from being a truly great horror film. Still, if you’re a fan of the genre and don’t mind a movie that focuses more on character than cheap scares, then “A Cold Grave” might just be worth checking out. Just maybe keep the lights on…

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