Top 5  Halloween Icons 2022


It’s the season for a good scare. Halloween is in the air and all around us. We had the pleasure of culling a list and then refining it to produce our Halloween Icons of 2022. These multi-talented women have stood the test of time and keep growing larger than life in their careers. Our list includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Dee Wallace, Linda Blair, Laurene Landon, and the one and only Kadrolsha Ona Carole Queen of the Paranormal ® They are listed in no particular order. Each one is more than deserving of their iconic status. Their websites are listed for your scary enjoyment.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The viewers of two-time Golden Globe winner Jamie Lee Curtis, can’t get enough of her.

Who could when it comes to the haunting season of Halloween?

Kadrolsha Ona Carole

The Queen of the Paranormal ® & host of Hollywood Entertainment News stands larger than life.

She supplied the video work for the 40th Anniversary of the Exorcist. Can’t get any scarier than that.

Linda Blair

The occult following of the horror iconic movie the Exorcist is always a Halloween timeless favorite Rock on horror girl.

Dee Wallace

The Stepford Wives, The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Critters, The Frighteners) Do we need to say more?

Laurene Landon

A major scary mega talented scream queen. Her emotional character portrayals hit deep in the core of the soul.