Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Judge Me Not


    A rather ho-hum case resulted in somewhat of a nemesis for Magnum and Higgins.

    They also managed to save the legal career of a judge on the rise on Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13.

    Elsewhere, Rick was already showing he would be one of those overprotective fathers, stressing already about his unborn child.

    Extreme Lengths -- Tall - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    Doesn’t it just figure that Thomas and Juliet’s new client had once held him in contempt and that that willingness to protect his client at all costs was what led the judge to hire them?

    It wasn’t hard to be sympathetic toward Rachel. Just when her star should have been rising, with a nomination to the Hawaii Supreme Court, one questionable moment in her past has come back to haunt her.

    Judge Under Pressure - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    Shouldn’t a few months as an escort to make ends meet be considered a youthful indiscretion, like experimenting with marijuana? It would certainly make her more sympathetic to similar offenders who come before her.

    What Rachel did at the end, publicly coming clean about her past, was what she should have done initially. Then again, there wouldn’t have been any case, then, would there?

    Instead, we got to watch Thomas and Juliet be a step behind all hour until they weren’t any longer.

    That the judge’s madam was now a grandmother in the suburbs kind of reinforced how long ago Rachel’s secret shame was. Still, the videos that Sheila recorded were being used against Rachel.

    Breaking In - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    On the other hand, the former madam turned them onto the real blackmailer, Maya. Or at least the tattooed woman who would be identified as the fixer, Maya.

    Unfortunately, Maya was very good at staying behind the scenes. Someone was paying her to force Rachel to throw the Owen Reed murder case.

    Why does Katsumoto take calls from Magnum and Higgins? They always want something from him then rarely fill him in on their current case.

    Until they need his resources again, as was the case here. Their cases must bring enough arrests to him that it’s worth his while.

    Judge's Protector - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    At least his intel brought Maya fully onto their radar, which led to their making a few ill-considered decisions, including the one that got them arrested for breaking and entering, largely thanks to Maya.

    The fact that Maya attempted to buy them off with $10,000 (for them, an excellent fiscal quarter) let them know that they were somewhat going in the right direction. The emphasis being on “somewhat.”

    They determined that someone with deep pockets had hired Maya and a little hacking later discovered that the dead partner’s wife had hired Maya to get Reed off.

    Then it was Gordon to the rescue, as he could reach Rachel on the bench and eavesdrop on Anna and Maya.

    Protecting Judge - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    Of course, survivor Maya flipped on her client and walked away for her cooperation.

    How significant a threat will Maya be to Thomas and Juliet? Well, a fixer isn’t on the same danger level as a Yakuza crimelord or a Colombian druglord, the type of villain who would threaten vengeance on Hawaii Five-0.

    But Magnum is more lighthearted than its late, lamented island brother. So, yeah, a conniving, disbarred lawyer feels about right.

    Will Rachel’s confession derail her nomination? Probably not. Juliet was right that people appreciate it when a public figure gets out in front of their past misdeeds.

    Blackmailed Judge - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    There was another baby step on the Magnum-and-Higgins-as-a-couple front. 

    After Juliet commented how Lia had been a good influence on Magnum, as he would have a full fridge and a whiff of candles for her, he went out and got both groceries and candles so that she would be comfortable there as well.

    Isn’t it nice when Thomas makes the occasional attempt to be an adult?

    Also, sampling adulthood was father-to-be Rick, whose mind appeared to be in a whirl.

    Suggesting Changes - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    Poor Rick is still attempting to get his head on straight since Suzy dropped the baby bomb on him on Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 11.

    Based on the recommendations of a restaurant-efficiency expert, Rick has decided that he needed to strip La Mariana of its charms and kitsch to turn it into a cash cow.

    Fortunately, Rick’s silent partners didn’t stay quiet when it came to reminding him what he had created in his bar/restaurant.

    It’s a full-time job for T.C. to temper Rick’s more harebrained ideas. And some of the changes proposed undoubtedly qualified as such.

    New Ideas - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    How does he find time for Island Hoppers? That must be Shammy’s role. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to train Cade as well.

    It was a good thing that T.C. had Kumu in reserve to reinforce his message to Rick. She was able to point out what an historical treasure he had in La Mariana.

    To emphasize that point, Kumu even started the process to have the bar declared an historical; landmark, although that feels like a stretch.

    If Rick is like this now, how is he going to be when the pregnant Suzy makes her inevitable return? 

    Helping Judge - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 13

    To follow the history of La Mariana, watch Magnum P.I. online.

    Did Rachel make the right choice in the end?

    What did you think of Maya, and do you want to see more of her?

    Shouldn’t Rick appreciate what he has?

    Comment below.

    Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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