Jenelle Evans Requests Welfare Check For Farrah’s Daughter


    Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom is speaking out and requesting that a welfare check be done for Farrah Abraham’s daughter. This is a bit odd considering that Jenelle has been dealing with these checks herself for her son Jace.

    Jenelle Shares Request

    Jenelle shared her request on her Facebook Story today. She said, “Someone do a wellfare check on Farrah Abraham’s daughter. Her mom seems very unstable in her videos online.” Her spelling needed a bit of help, too. She didn’t elaborate on why she thinks that this should happen, though. As you can see below, fans started to comment and they don’t agree with her. One even saying, “Pot, meet kettle.”

    Jenelle Evans Facebook Story
    Jenelle Evans Facebook Story

    Checking Jenelle Evans’ social media account this is the only place that she has posted this, but so far she hasn’t taken it down. Of course, Farrah isn’t going to be happy about it when she sees it. This could start a feud between the two of them, which could get interesting.

    Farrah’s daughter is not young and is actually a teenager. There is no reason that anyone should think anything is wrong with Sophia, but Jenelle does seem concerned.

    Jenelle’s Recent Dealings With The Law

    Jenelle Evans’ son Jace was living at home with her and kept running away. He ended up going back to live with her mom Barbara and is now actually in foster care. David Eason, Jenelle’s husband, even got into trouble and is going to court over an alleged incident that happened with Jace while he was in their care. This is why the fan said, “Pot, meet kettle.” Some people feel that her kids are the ones that need to be checked on.

    At one point, it was also rumored that Jenelle’s younger children were not even going to school, but it seems like they might be back there again. The story with Jenelle keeps getting wilder and you never know what is going to come out next.

    Are you shocked to see that Jenelle Evans is asking for a welfare check on Farrah’s daughter? Do you feel like this needs to happen? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Don’t miss Teen Mom: The Next Chapter when it returns to MTV.

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