Invasion Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Cosmic Ocean


    Sadly, humanity continued to make little progress against its alien invaders.

    Pressing for answers only made things worse on Invasion Season 2 Episode 8.

    Let’s begin with Nikhil’s Amazon Project, the only government-sanctioned effort to discover something, anything that will work against the aliens.

    Strategy Session - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    Mitsuki, Earth’s best bet to come up with a solution, was flat-out wearing down. Too much connection with the alien entity and too little sleep as she tried to unravel the alien language left her far less than 100 percent.

    It’s a good thing Mitsuki has Maya on her side. Maya wouidn’t send her back into the lion’s den before she had recovered more.

    Rattled Mitsuki - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    Mitsuki wasn’t herself these days. Thanks to long days attempting to crack the alien language and too much time spent with the alien entity, she was unsure if the voices she hears are authentic or come from her imagination.

    Maya had a whole ward full of scientists who tried too hard to communicate with the entity. She didn’t want to add Mitsuki, who she knew was somewhat foggy, to that number. Plus, maybe she had feelings for her current patient.

    On the other side was Nikhil, who doesn’t care how many scientists he sacrifices as long as the project produces some better way to combat the aliens.

    Nikhil should receive some slack because of how hard the World Defense Council pushes him.

    Driven Man - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    But he’s also a tech wunderkind who chases praise for being the person who discovered how to defeat the aliens. A big chunk of his drive comes from hubris.

    Much of Maya’s role was protecting the project staff from psychological damage caused by the aliens. So, as she saw it, she was just doing her job.

    On the other hand, Nikhil saw her as being obstructional. So he decided to go around her and play head games with the psychologically fragile Mitsuki, whom he needed to interact more with the entity.

    Nikhil had a valid point when Mitsuki insisted on continuing to study the alien language. Intercepting the aliens’ military communication may be helpful, but only with some context as to how they think.

    Protecting Mitsuki  - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    Maya overplayed her hand by threatening to resign. Her only way to protect Mitsuki was to sabotage her suits on the way out the door.

    Nikhil’s ego led him to wrongly believe he could handle the entity alone. Subsequent events proved otherwise.

    Even worse, his actions caused seismic events around the globe, leaving a suitless Mitsuki to have to clean up his mess.

    The excellent news is that Nikhil likely won’t impede research now. The bad news is that Mitsuki determined that she blew up a portal to the alien world, for what that’s worth.

    Suited Up - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    The other promising weapon has been Casper Morrow, thanks to his connection with the aliens and the special children with similar ties.

    Casper has been the one who Jamila has staked all her hopes on this season. That’s why she led this children’s crusade to find and rescue Casper from whatever governmental or military entity held him.

    However, since they found Casper on Invasion Season 2 Episode 6, he just hasn’t been himself, although there was disagreement among the group on that point.

    Jamila saw the boy for whom she’s fallen. Monty was naturally suspicious of his rival for Jamila’s affections. But even Casper’s best friend Alfie wasn’t sure about him.

    Casper's Connection - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    So, the question comes down to whether Casper is free of the aliens.

    This answer takes on added importance after Casper used his connection with the other special children who had been at the hospital with him to find their hideout.

    If Casper was a sleeper agent for the aliens, he had shown them the hiding place for children, who might be humanity’s best chance against them.

    Even Jamila started to doubt Casper, who seemed off even to her. Is Casper an amnesiac, or is he something more dangerous?

    Bewildered Jamila - Invasion Season 2 Episode 4

    When we last saw Trevante, he was climbing down into a massive pit in the middle of Camp Pierce, the top-secret military base hidden in a cornfield.

    He found a big old hatch at the bottom of the pit and thought it would be a good idea to crack it open. Needless to say, that set off a base-wide alarm.

    Trevante has to work on his infiltration skills. That’s twice he’s been captured by the military since his arrival in Oklahoma. If he can’t hide at Camp Pierce, how is he ever going to sneak up on the aliens?

    He did discover that at least some of the missing townfolk were being held there. He even got that general to admit the aliens had held them.

    Trevante in Cuffs - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    He offered his services to General Mitchell, who rejected him. Those military types won’t improvise, which is helping them lose this war.

    Rose was doing her best to rescue her reckless partner. First, she locked up her old school chum Wade, then explained to him what was happening and her plans. She was going to rescue Trevante and her abducted neighbors.

    Then, she promptly got caught amid that seismic chaos set off by Nikhil.

    I wonder if she ended up in the same cell as Trevante.

    Out in Her Field - Invasion Season 2 Episode 8

    Will Mitsuki bounce back from her misstep with the entity?

    What’s going on with Casper?

    What’s hidden under that hatch?

    Comment below.

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