Breaking Bad’s Walt and Jesse Cook Up Something Special in Super Bowl Ad


    It always feels like the good old days when Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite.

    The Breaking Bad stars reunite for PopCorners’ exciting new Super Bowl commercial.

    What’s more, they’re in character as Walt and Jesse from the beloved AMC drama series.

    Walt and Jessie on PopCorners Ad - Breaking Bad

    The duo has created a whole new product in true Breaking Bad fashion.

    It’s a blue bag of white cheddar-flavored PopCorners.

    These Are Great! - Breaking Bad

    “Yo! These are the bomb!” Jesse tells Walt.

    “Everyone is going to want a taste… and I know just the guy to talk to.”

    We then see the pair speaking to Raymond Cruz’s Tuco Salamanca about their new project.

    Walt has one significant demand of Tuco before they agree to do business with him.

    Brainwave - Breaking Bad

    “Say. Their. Name,” Walt yells about the addictive tortilla chips.

    When it seems like the deal is signed, sealed, and delivered, Tuco wants to know how many flavors he can make.

    Jesse offers six, but that doesn’t spark joy for Tuco.

    “Seven. You make seven,” he warns.

    Don't Eat Your Own Supply - Breaking Bad

    Cranston and Paul starred on Breaking Bad for six seasons from 2008-13 before reuniting for the 2019 movie El Camino.

    They also had appearances in 2022 during the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul.

    Aaron opened up about reuniting with Cranston for the spot.

    “It’s so easy to kind of zip on that skin again,” the actor told People.

    The Return - Breaking Bad

    “It’s just like revisiting a very familiar friend.”

    “We had so much fun shooting it. Just getting back into those characters and seeing all the familiar faces,” Cranston added, saying that him and Aaron, “We fit like a glove.”

    Paul explained that he doesn’t expect to return to the Breaking Bad universe.

    “I feel like this is sort of where we all kind of hang our hats, at least with the Breaking Bad universe,” he says.

    Back Together - Breaking Bad

    “And what a fun way to go out.”

    Check out the trailer below.

    What are your thoughts on it?

    Do you think it’s pretty cool?!

    Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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