Top 7 Chilling Christmas Horror Movies to Stream in Holiday Season 2023


    As the festive lights twinkle and the scent of eggnog lingers in the air, a shadow looms over the joyous season, bringing with it a thrilling chill that can only mean one thing—it’s time for Christmas horror movies. This unique sub-genre is the perfect stocking stuffer for those who like their holiday cheer with a side of fear, blending the warmth of the season with the spine-tingling excitement of horror.

    In recent years, the juxtaposition of Christmas joy and horror has captivated audiences, leading to a surge in popularity for this wickedly entertaining category. As the nights grow longer and the cold sets in, there’s nothing quite like gathering around to watch a festive fright fest that promises both jingles and jolts.

    As 2023’s holiday season approaches, we at Horror Feed have handpicked the top 7 Christmas horror movies for you to stream. From eerie new releases to twisted takes on classic tales, these films are sure to haunt your halls and jingle your bells. So, grab your hot cocoa, dim the lights, and prepare to deck the halls with bouts of horror, as we unveil the must-watch Christmas horror movies to make your holiday season both merry and terrifying.

    The Horrific Holiday Spirit: A Fresh Release

    The newest release to inject a hefty dose of horror into the 2023 holiday season is the wickedly festive slasher Violent Night. This Christmas-set action flick brings plenty of chaos in the form of David Harbour as a very hands-on Saint Nick.

    When a team of mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family’s mansion compound on Christmas Eve, jolly ol’ Saint Nick must take matters into his own hands to save the family from the motley crew of armed intruders. Let’s just say Santa doesn’t just know if you’ve been naughty – he can gleefully punish the naughty in deliciously violent ways.

    Violent Night promises all the elements that make for prime holiday horror: a creepy setting in an isolated mansion, vicious villains terrorizing innocents, and a fierce Santa slasher icon for a new generation. Horror fans will eat up the over-the-top gory action just as much as the chilling seasonal atmosphere. This is surely set to become a new Christmas cult classic.

    So for those seeking out a fresh new holiday horror movie release in 2023 filled with plenty of blood-soaked action and a fiercely festive spirit, look no further than Violent Night. It’s the perfect new R-rated horror gift waiting to be unwrapped!

    Check out our review of Violent Night here.

    A Creepy Classic Revived: Remastered or Sequel

    A vintage stocking stuffer for fans of retro holiday horror, 1974’s infamous Black Christmas is seeing new life this season with an eerie 4K Ultra HD remaster. This cult classic established many of the slasher tropes in play today while crafting chilling seasonal suspense around a sorority house stalked by a mysterious killer.

    Over 45 years later, Black Christmas remains a masterclass in slowly-building dread punctuated by shocking bursts of violence. The 2023 remaster sharpens the visuals to disturbing clarity and pumps up the audio for added atmosphere. Viewers can enjoy Leigh Janiak’s recent sequel Black Christmas in razor-sharp quality before revisiting where it all began.

    The 4K restoration provides a crisp new sheen that adds even more unsettling ambience to the film’s moody cinematography and shadowy set pieces. From the ominous attic space where the calls are coming from to the winter wonderland exterior, Black Christmas has never looked more terrifyingly vivid.

    For old school atmosphere mixed with updated visuals and sound that highlight every creak of the sorority house and screech of strings, this 4K remaster is a skin-crawling way to revisit Black Christmas. The 2023 holiday horror season is the perfect time to let gnarly old Billy and his freakish followers pay you a visit once more…

    The Family-Friendly Fright: Animated Christmas Horror

    For viewers seeking some spooky but family-friendly holiday fun, the animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas makes for an ideal introduction to horror for younger ones. This clever Tim Burton production brings the wonders of Halloween to Christmas with ghoulish glee.

    After the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town stumbles upon jolly ol’ Saint Nick’s Christmas Town, he hatches a scheme to bring his own spin to the bright, merry festivities. Cue the collision of two holidays as Jack Skellington puts his signature macabre touch on everything from gifts to carols, much to Santa’s horror.

    With Burton’s darkly playful style, catchy musical numbers, and a balance of scares and laughter, The Nightmare Before Christmas has become a holiday horror staple the whole family can enjoy. It captures children’s fascination with all things creepy and kooky come Christmastime with vibrant animation and iconic character designs.

    So for younger viewers just getting their feet wet in horror, or families looking to add some animated antics to seasonal movie nights, let the Pumpkin King put an entertaining frightful spin on the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time of year – for some scream-worthy animated fun!

    The Indie Horror Gem: Low-Budget, High Impact

    Proving big screams can come in small packages, Better Watch Out is one of the most inventive indie Christmas horror treats in recent years. This twisted holiday thriller takes the home invasion premise and gives it a deliciously devilish twist.

    On a quiet suburban street, a babysitter finds herself under siege during the holidays – but not from your average criminal. No, the real villain is the precocious 12-year-old boy she’s meant to be looking after, as he launches a maniacal plan laced with dark humor.

    Making the most of basic settings and a modest budget, Better Watch Out relies on clever writing and a charismatic young psycho in Luke to bring the sinister cheer. The limited resources become part of the film’s charm and inspire creative direction choices to build claustrophobic tension.

    Thanks to strong word of mouth, Better Watch Out has earned a cult following as a holiday horror lover’s hidden gem. For viewers tired of the same recycled slasher fare, this indie subverts expectations with a killer combo of scares and satire. It just goes to show ingenuity beats budget when crafting fresh frightening films for the season.

    So keep Better Watch Out on your radar if you’re hunting for a twisted stocking stuffer of a movie that packs a surprising punch. When it comes to deranged holiday horror, big things come in small indie packages!

    The Terrifying Foreign Perspective: International Christmas Horror

    While Hollywood has its fair share of spine-chilling holiday fare, some of the most inventive Christmas horror comes from across the globe. For a foreign fright flick brimming with cultural flair, look no further than the French cult favorite Deadly Games (Dial Code Santa Claus).

    On Christmas Eve, a young boy home alone finds himself under siege when a deranged lunatic dressed as Santa Claus invades his wealthy family’s secluded mansion. With his parents stranded miles away, it’s up to the resourceful child to defend himself any way he can against the menacing intruder.

    Infused with a distinctly European flavor through language and stylistic choices, Deadly Games puts a fresh spin on the home invasion thriller. Young Thomas’ elaborate booby traps and cat-and-mouse games with “Pere Noel” introduce kids outsmarting killers to seasonal horror.

    For stateside viewers seeking an imported dose of international intrigue and inventive twists in their holiday horror, let the deadly games begin with this chilling French gem. You’ll never see Santa Claus the same way again after this foreign fright night!

    The Psychological Haunt: Mind-Bending Holiday Horror

    For a supremely unsettling descent into the fragility of the human psyche, let me prescribe a healthy dose of Christmas Evil for the holiday season. This underseen 1980 slow-burner simmers with psychological tension before bringing the twisted yuletide dread to a boil.

    When a traumatized toy factory worker snaps under the pressure of Christmas commercialization and hypocrisy, he adopts a sinister split personality. Donning a Santa suit, he embarks on a righteous mission to punish the “naughty” townsfolk he deems corrupt and greedy.

    Dripping with atmosphere and stellar soundtrack selections, Christmas Evil examines the costs of obsession and the fluid nature of morality. As Harry slowly loses his grip on reality, the line blurs between vengeful vigilante and unhinged lunatic.

    With its complex character study encased in creeping, low-key suspense, Christmas Evil offers a masterclass in psychological unraveling. It remains one of the most unnerving and obscure of holiday horror gems.

    So for those who like their seasonal scares served with extra depth and mental anguish, by all means stuff your stocking with Christmas Evil. It will surely deliver an existential fright night not soon forgotten!

    The Dark Comedy Delight: Horror with a Side of Laughs

    If your usual holiday viewings could use some lighter fare to lift the spirits, the horror-comedy Krampus makes for a festively frightful frolic. This 2015 creature feature puts a deliciously dark spin on the folklore of the Christmas demon Krampus.

    When a dysfunctional family’s bickering ruins the holiday spirit, the shadow of St. Nick’s sinister companion looms large. Suddenly, the horror icons of the season come to monstrous life to teach them a lesson – from ghoulish gingerbread men to menacing angel cookies to the titular horned trickster himself.

    Krampus captures all the creepy, uncanny elements of vintage holiday horror while amplifying the absurdity to entertaining extremes. Scenes like an epic brawl between Santa’s elves and Krampus’ devilish helpers blend cheeky laughs with inventive action.

    Comedic timing helps cushion Krampus’ sinister blows, making it more mischievously merry than grim. This perfect balance provides a palate cleanser to wash down all the earnest holiday schmaltz. So spice up your Christmas horror diet with a hearty dose of horror-comedy hi-jinks!

    One last bonus feature is Christmas Bloody Christmas which is on Shudder.

    Wrap Up: Why We Need Holiday Horror

    As this list of top Christmas horror movies demonstrates, ’tis the season for mixing yuletide traditions with spine-tingling surprises. When you need some relief from repetitive holiday schmaltz, horror is the gift that keeps on giving.

    From fresh festive slashers like Violent Night to creepy animated classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas horror offers something for all ghoully tastes. You can revisit cult favorites like Black Christmas or discover unhinged holiday gems like Christmas Evil.

    Psychological studies, gory action, black comedy – the horror holiday lineup has it all. So whatever flavor of frights make your spirits bright, the season is ripe for streaming scares.

    As you deck your halls this 2023 holiday season and compile your Christmas watchlist, be sure to make room for horror! Tell us your favorite Christmas creepshow or hidden holiday horror gem in the comments. And spread the spine-tingling cheer by sharing with fellow fiends.

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