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    UK Horror Scream Icon Dani Thompson is set to star in a new comedy-horror film, PORTAL TO THE ABYSS. The movie centers around a married couple, Ed and Lucy, whose apartment holds a portal to the abyss that opens due to the presence of their new neighbors, Amele and Jasper.

    The film promises to be a thrilling and hilarious addition to the horror-comedy genre, with an all-star cast and a talented production team dedicated to bringing the story to life. But what makes this film stand out from the rest?

    First and foremost, the cast is truly amazing. Dani Thompson, known for her work in the horror genre, will be taking on a new challenge in this comedic role. Meanwhile, Tina Sharma, who is of British-Indian descent, has been making waves in the industry and is set to star in several feature films later this year. With their talent and experience, the cast members are sure to deliver exceptional performances that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

    The screenplay, written by James M McCann, has already received rave reviews from the cast. In fact, many of them agreed to join the project based on the strength of the script alone, before payment was even mentioned. The script is a polished and complete masterpiece that promises to deliver both laughs and scares.

    To bring the story to life, the production team is comprised of highly experienced professionals, including camera operator Max Peterson and sound technician Luke Hodgkinson. They have already created a detailed budget breakdown and shoot schedule for the entire production to keep the project in-budget and on-schedule.

    Despite the risks and challenges inherent in any film project, such as the risk of not filming within the allotted time, the team is confident they can achieve their goals due to the extensive pre-production work already completed, including story-boarding and blocking.

    Furthermore, the film offers a unique twist on the horror genre by combining it with comedy. Audiences will be both frightened and amused as they follow the characters on their journey through the portal to the abyss. This genre-bending approach is sure to keep viewers engaged and entertained.

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