If you’re looking to add a little terror to your nights this April, Popcornflix has you covered. The free streaming service is serving up a slate of scary movies, so be prepared to be spooked, startled, and utterly terrified as you delve into their chilling collection of free horror titles this month.

    Popcornflix’s selection of horror includes obscure hidden gems and modern masterpieces of things that go bump in the night. So turn out the lights, lock the doors, and prepare for a frightening movie marathon. With these free films available all month long, every night can be a fright night in April.

    Below is the full list of new horror titles coming to Popcornflix this April. Get ready to scream!

    Intruders (Available: April 1st)
    When an 11-year-old girl becomes convinced that an intruder is trying to break into her room at night her family’s dark, traumatic history is slowly revealed.

    Cast: Clive Owen (The Bourne Identity), Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones), Izán Corchero (The Boat)

    Ashes (2019) (Available: April 1st)
    After a family’s estranged aunt passes away, they’re reluctant and creeped out to receive her cremated ashes. But when a series of supernatural misfortunes beset them, they’ll have to go through Hell to be rid of her angry spirit.

    Cast: Melinda DeKay (Dolls), Damien Diaz (Shameless), Casey James (Ratched)

    Temple (Available: April 1st)
    Three American tourists follow a mysterious map deep into the jungles of Japan searching for an ancient temple. When spirits entrap them, their adventure quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.

    Cast: Logan Huffman (Final Girl), Brandon Sklenar (Westworld), Naoto Takenaka (Nowhere Man)

    Soldier of War (Available: April 1st)
    Deep in the forest, two boys discover the entrance to a secret military bunker hidden since World War II and inadvertently awaken an undead soldier, who embarks on a grotesque, ritualistic killing spree.

    Cast: John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring), Tanya Franks (Broadchurch), Paul Reynolds (Midsomer Murders)

    Meander (Available: April 1st)
    A woman gets locked in a series of strange tubes full of deadly traps.

    Cast: Gaia Weiss (The Gentlemen), Peter Franzén (The Abyss), Romane Libert (Marianne)

    Creature (Available: April 1st)
    Meddlesome scientists try to turn a super-violent alien into a weapon of war. Big mistake – now it’s hell-bent on human slaughter.

    Cast: James Marshall (Twin Peaks), Michelle Goh (Smallville), John Savage (The Thin Red Line)

    Beast No More (Available: April 1st)
    A young biologist suffering the loss of a child escapes suburbia in favor of the Australian bush. Amidst her grief she is offered the chance to be a mother again, only it comes at a cost.

    Cast: Jessica Tovey (Home and Away), Dan Ewing (Love and Monsters), Roy Billing (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader)

    Nightmare Wedding (Available: April 1st)
    Sandy’s past indiscretion with her fiancé’s best friend Roman comes back to haunt her when he becomes their best man. Delusional and deranged, Roman will stop at nothing to make Sandy his own bride.

    Cast: Nicola Posener (The Bold and the Beautiful), Evan Henderson (The Resident), Gina Vitori (Magnum P.I.)

    Eye of the Beast (Available: April 1st)
    After several locals disappear off the coast on Fells Island, a small fishing community in the North Atlantic, terrified survivors claim the existence of a Giant Squid. A group of courageous seafarers venture into the dangerous waters themselves to kill the creature before it makes a feast of the entire island.

    Cast: James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek), Alexandra Castillo (The Handmaid’s Tale), Arne MacPherson (Alter Boys)

    Something Beneath (Available: April 1st)
    A massive cellular organism, highly intelligent and deadly, is living in the sewer system beneath a conference center. As attendees of the Clean Planet conference are picked off one by one, a group of scientists band together to stop the ooze in its tracks.

    Cast: Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Peter MacNeill (Open Range), Natalie Brown (The Strain)

    Nature’s Grave (Available: April 1st)
    A vacationing couple in the wilderness learns what happens when they disrespect nature.

    Cast: Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ), Claudia Karvan (Bump), John Brumpton (Last King of the Cross)

    The Hex (Available: April 1st)
    A grieving British girl unravels her murdered mother’s secrets connected to a South African witch doctor’s curse. She wants to put an end to this haunting hex by traveling there herself but instead, it casts her deeper into sinister depths.

    Cast: Coco Lloyd (Euphoria), Mari Molefe van Heerden (Bus 7070), Mary-Anne Barlow (Legacy)

    Plague (Available: April 1st)
    Pray you don’t survive! After surviving an infection that wiped out most of mankind, a group of survivors battle the world of terror that was left behind.

    Cast: Don Bridges (Residence), Cris Cochrane (The Legend of Ben Hall), Tegan Crowley (La Brea)


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