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Christmas Bloody Christmas A Shudder Original Should you watch?


Christmas Bloody Christmas a new horror film that can be viewed on Shudder has a plot that goes like this “Tori just wants to get drunk and party because it is Christmas Eve, but when a robotic Santa Claus at a neighboring toy store goes wild and begins a widespread murdering rampage across her little town, she is forced into a struggle for survival. Tori is the only one who can save herself.”

In the first scene, we see a series of commercials for holiday goods, which is then followed by a news story claiming that a robotic Santa has been recalled due to the fact that it was once used as a military robot and reverts back to its programming due to a defect. In the second scene, we see a sequence of commercials for holiday goods, which is then followed by a news story claiming that a robotic Santa has been recalled due to the fact that it was once used as The narrative also asserts that the reason for the recall is because the fault makes the robot revert back to the programming it had when it was first manufactured.

It is the night before Christmas, and the proprietor of a record store, Tori Tooms (Riley Dandy), would rather get drunk than celebrate the holiday. Robbie, who is her collaborator in crime and the star employee (who is also the only employee), has a crush on her that he can not mask very well at all. Sam Delich plays Robbie, and he is shown as having this love. As soon as one begins to consume alcohol, cutting retorts are sure to come shortly after. Everything appeared to be heading in the direction of a conclusion that was destined to occur. However, they had not taken into consideration the prospect of a robotic Santa Claus going on a killing spree.

Christmas Bloody Christmas Still image from the movie Robot Santa

As soon as the robot Santa begins his merciless slaughtering rampage, “Christmas Bloody Christmas” becomes an appealing horror flick. The movie is nonstop action, with cleverly conceived set pieces that turn the joy of the holidays into a homicidal rage. This narrative has everything: axe murders, a high-stakes police chase, and a happy ending.

Because of this, each and every individual in Christmas Bloody Christmas is really irritating, and it might be challenging to digest them because of how awful they are. This is a regrettable outcome of the situation. They never stop complaining and moaning about anything different all the time. It would appear that everyone has at least some significant experience in the bedroom, but when pressed, they will acknowledge that every person they have been with in the sack has been about as delightful as licking Rudolph’s droppings. If you have a heart of stone for other people, it will be much simpler for you to rejoice when they are hurt or die. This is one of the advantages of having a cold heart.

The movie was alright, and if you are in the mood for some frightening holiday spirit, you should watch the movie “Christmas Bloody Christmas,” which is currently accessible on Shudder. If you are in the mood for some eerie holiday spirit, you should watch the movie.

Check out the movie trailer for Christmas Bloody Christmas below.

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