Wholecut Oxford Shoes – When & Why You Should Wear Them


    Your blind date…

    Your interviewer…

    Your new boss…

    … is known for her brilliant analytical mind—she can size a man up in seconds.

    You’re dressed so sharp you could cut atoms. She looks you up and down…

    … you see her falter when she gets to your shoes. What have you done wrong?

    We all know you can tell a man by his shoes. When you need the perfect dress shoes, which style do you pick?

    The simplest and most elegant solution is a pair of wholecut shoes – more specifically, wholecute OXFORDS. In my opinion, they’re the only dress shoes you’ll ever really need.

    What Are Wholecut Shoes And Wholecut Oxfords?

    There are three things that make wholecut shoes classed as wholecut Oxfords:

    Wholecut Shoes Feature #1. One Piece

    This is the ‘wholecut’ part. Most dress shoes are made from several pieces of leather stitched together. In a wholecut dress shoe, the upper (the part visible above the sole when the shoe is worn) is cut from one whole piece.

    Apart from the seam at the edge of the shaft (where you put your foot in), they only have a single visible seam at the heel. There are no extra parts like separate vamps or quarters.

    Wholecut Shoes Feature #2. Closed Laces

    wholecut oxfords closed lacing

    This is the ‘oxford’ part. An oxford shoe is one with ‘closed’ lacing, where the eyelet tabs are attached under the vamp.

    This distinctive style together with the one-piece upper makes the shoe look extremely clean and sleek.

    Wholecut Shoes Feature #3. Chisel Toe

    chisel toe wholecut oxford shoe

    This is the ‘dress’ part—not every dress shoe is ‘dressy’ enough to have a chisel toe. It’s the very smartest of men’s shoe toe styles.

    The sharper, more elongated design gives a dynamic air of purpose, and the raised bump on the toe shows intentional elegance and elevated style, setting you apart from men in regular shoes.

    Here are my 5 reasons why wholecut oxfords are the perfect dress shoe.

    Why Wear Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes?

    wholecut oxford dress shoes

    #1. Wholecut Oxfords: Appearance

    Let’s be honest—they look amazing. This is the No. 1 reason why every man should own a pair of wholecuts.

    The minimalist simplicity of the design creates classic clean lines, adding sophistication to any outfit.

    Formal without being flashy, they don’t need to shout for attention—they capture it with a whisper. If I had to sum up the look in two words, I’d say ‘understated elegance’.

    The design also makes for a shoe that’s more durable and easier to wear—it can’t fall apart at the seams if it has none.

    #2. Wholecut Oxfords: Versatility

    Classy as they are, you might be surprised to learn that you can wear these shoes with jeans.

    Technically, less decoration on a shoe means more formality, but wholecuts are above the rules. They are luxury shoemaking in its simplest and purest form, combining the swagger of patent leather tuxedo pumps with the practicality of lace-up shoes.

    This means they can be worn with any outfit formal enough to pair with a jacket—including a sports jacket with jeans.

    #3. Wholecut Oxfords: Quality

    quality light brown wholecut oxford shoes

    No other shoe pattern is as exclusive and expensive to make as the wholecut style.

    The hides that are used to make shoe leather have to be free from marks and blemishes. When you’re making shoes out of small pieces, that’s one thing—you only need a few inches that are free of marks.

    But wholecuts need to be made from one big flawless piece of the highest quality leather—and what’s more, the whole piece has to have a consistent texture.

    Not only are skins this perfect rare, but the type of skin used (usually calfskin) is more expensive—plus the making of wholecuts requires more leather, because they only have one seam.

    Then the shoes have to be painstakingly assembled by an expert craftsman. From the point of view of a shoemaker, wholecut oxfords are among the most difficult shoe styles to last (lasting is when the upper part is attached to the lower part.)

    All this means wholecut oxfords cost considerably more to make than regular shoes—but that means they have an aura of prestige and desirability that marks you as a successful man.

    #4. Wholecut Oxfords: Shine

    Wholecuts have the most brilliant, mirror-like shine of any dress shoe. This is partly because of the luxury skins used, but also due to the style.

    With no stitching to get in the way, not only do they absorb polish better than other styles, they display shine better too. The stitching does not become shiny, and without extra folds of leather, you’re assured of a smooth and consistent shine across the whole surface.

    #5. Wholecut Oxfords: Fit

    Wholecut oxfords are the equivalent of tailored clothes.

    While the stitching and vamps on regular shoes restrict their shape, the leather on properly-made wholecut shoes will conform to the shape of your feet, giving the shoes a sleek, fitted appeal that can’t be matched by shoes with more stitching.

    When NOT To Wear Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes

    Yes – perfect as they are, wholecuts may not be perfect for every man. Here’s why.

    • Because of their slim narrow shape and closed laces, they are likely to feel tight if you have wide feet. Cap toe oxfords will be more comfortable for you.
    • Men with a high arch may also find them tight, especially across the bridge of the foot.
    • If creases develop in the leather, they’re going to show. With no toe cap or wing cap, imperfections have nowhere to hide. The upside of this is that just like an immaculate white dress shirt, when they look perfect, they look really perfect.

    When And How To Wear Wholecut Oxford Shoes

    When you buy your wholecut shoes, make sure they fit snugly – because they mould themselves to your feet, the leather will stretch slightly over the first few wears. A thinner leather is especially likely to stretch.

    If an outfit goes with a jacket, it goes with wholecut Oxfords – but don’t try anything below the level of classic business casual, or they’ll start to look out of place.

    One exception: avoid pairing wholecut shoes with heavy, textured clothes. Their sleek, slim lines will make your feet look small by comparison, so choose bigger shoes instead.

    Brown or tan wholecut shoes go perfectly with jeans. Make sure you choose well-fitted, dark indigo jeans with no rips or signs of heavy wear.

    Black wholecut Oxfords are best worn with a suit – although business and less formal suits can be paired with brown or tan too.

    Wholecut shoes work well as evening shoes as long as they have no broguing (the meaning of ‘broguing’ is a decorative pattern of small punched dots in leather, which makes a shoe less formal.) 

    For black tie or formal events, choose black wholecut Oxfords in patent leather or mirror-polished calf leather.

    Click below to watch the video – 5 Reasons To Buy Wholecut Dress Shoes

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