7 Winter Jackets Men Must Have – Cold Weather Essentials


    When I used to think of winter jackets, I thought of bulky, fluorescent jackets – bright red with a hood that can be pulled tightly around the face, leaving a pillar-box style slot for the eyes.

    Many men don’t understand how to dress for winter.

    Some go outside in a t-shirt, claiming “it’s only a bit of snow” and others drive into town looking like they’re heading out on a solo mission to the peak of Mount Everest.

    You can dress for the cold weather and maintain a sense of style – and I promise it doesn’t involve mittens with string.

    In today’s article, I’m going to show you 7 stylish jackets you can wear this winter.

    #1. Men’s Overcoat


    An overcoat extends below the knee and is designed to be your most outer layer of clothing.

    The overcoat looks mostly the same as it did when it came to public in 17th century. It’s a formal, traditional and elegant coat usually made from a heavier wool.

    Overcoats come in different weights and styles, including single and double breasted. The topcoat is a lightweight overcoat and a greatcoat is a heavier and bulkier variant.

    Popular colors include black, charcoal, navy and tan. Charcoal is the most versatile of these and it will complement navy, grey and black suits.

    Remember, the overcoat is worn over your suit so when you try on an overcoat, remember to take your suit with you.

    The overcoat fit should be snug over your suit and you should not be able to see your suit collar, cuffs or lapels from any angle. You should have total coverage.

    Men’s Overcoat Summary:

    • Extends below the knee
    • Designed to be worn over a suit as the outermost layer of clothing

     #2. Peacoat

    The peacoat is shorter and less formal than the overcoat and should fall to the bottom of your hips, just under your buttocks. A peacoat is always double breasted, has broad lapels and large buttons made from plastic, metal or wood.

    The peacoat was originally worn by sailors of American and European navies and is now considered a classic men’s winter coat. It’s a great way of dressing up a semi-casual outfit but it can also be worn with a suit.

    The peacoat’s traditional color is navy but grey is also a great choice for dressing up smart jeans and chinos, and for wearing to work with grey or navy suit.

    Unlike the overcoat, the peacoat can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned as a statement piece.

    Peacoat Summary:

    • Extends to the seat of your trousers
    • Always double breasted with broad lapels

    #3. Men’s Top Coat

    The top coat began life as a Victorian working coat, complete with a cape. The top now has a closer fit and the modern top coat lands just above the knee

    Top coats are often worn in place of a suit jacket with warm trousers but it is still perfectly acceptable to wear a topcoat over a suit jacket if you prefer.

    You may recognize the top coat from its most noticeable form – the camel hair topcoat. It’s a coat which will get you noticed – it’s classy, sumptuous and suits all men. Camel top coats come in a variety of shades but make sure you choose a softer tan color – yellow shades make this beautiful jacket look cheap.

    Men’s Top Coat Summary:

    • Falls above the knee
    • Trim fit

    #4. Men’s Trench Coat

    man in trench coat walking under the rain

    Technically a trench coat is a form of overcoat but modern variants fall above the knee.

    The trench coat was developed by British and French soldiers in the First World War and is characterized by its 10 buttoned double breasted front, wide lapels, storm flap and button down pockets.

    The storm flap is designed to prevent wind-driven rain from coming into the garment through the button-holes.

    Trench coats are belted and come with straps around the wrists which were designed to prevent water running down your forearm when you were peering through your binoculars out into no-man’s land.

    The trench coat comes in cotton, wool and leather and often has a removable lining meaning you can wear it in Fall and Spring when it’s still cooler. Whatever material you choose, choose a well-fitted trench for that streamlined effect.

    Originally the trench coat was khaki but now comes in a variety of colors – beige looks great when paired with a grey or navy suit.

    Men’s Trench Coat Summary:

    • Falls above the knee
    • Comes with a storm flap and belt

    #5. Men’s Parka

    The parka has a hood and is lined with faux-fur. Once made from sealskin, it was invented by the Caribou Inuit for hunting and kayaking in the Arctic.

    The parka is not as structured as an overcoat or peacoat; its relaxed shape allows you to layer up underneath without adding to the bulk.

    Parkas are great for casual outfits. Some guys wear them with suits but I recommend keeping this one for the weekends. Go for a subtle, cool color. (Remember what I said about bright red jackets!)

    Men’s Parka Summary:

    • Casual jacket with fur lined hood
    • Loose structure, ideal for layering up

    #6. Leather Bomber Jacket

    Man in Leather Bomber Jacket and Sunglasses

    The leather bomber jacket was created for pilots in World War 1 at a time when enclosed cockpits were rare, so the pilots needed something with warmth.

    The leather combined with a heavy wool lining which extended out to the collar and cuffs did just that. It is noted for its insulation and sturdy construction and is synonymous with traditional ‘gentleman’ aviation.

    As is often the case with clothing, the style caught on with the general public and it has become a timeless casual and winter jacket and is perfect for the colder weather.

    Your bomber jacket should fit snugly against your shoulders and body, and the arms should be tapered and buttoned at the end to give a sleek look.

    Leather Bomber Jacket Summary:

    • Short – ends at your belt line
    • Simple design with fitted waist and cuffs

    #7. Men’s Waxed Jacket

    The iconic waxed cotton jacket (think Steve McQueen!) is an ideal outdoor winter jacket with a wax coating which applied during the manufacturing process in order to make it water resistant.

    It’s practical, unique and incredibly stylish.

    The waxed jacket is an investment piece. You may need to re-wax the jacket from time to time in order to maintain its water resistance. (Not the term water resistance – this jacket is not waterproof).

    The waxed jacket often has removable insulation and is used by those involved in outdoor pursuits like hunting and walks in the countryside. Pair it with jeans, boots and accessories like scarves.

    Men’s Waxed Jacket Summary:

    • Made from distinctive waxed cotton
    • Often comes with removable lining

    #8. Ski Jackets (Bonus Winter Jacket)

    men in snowy mountains dressed in ski jacket

    The ski jacket: the only jacket here which is solely designed for freezing temperatures. The ski jacket is thoroughly insulated. It is made from a synthetic material which combines breathability with warmth.

    Ski jackets are rated by breathability and water resistance. They often come with adjustable hoods, snow skirts and multiple pockets.

    As you may have guessed, the ski jacket comes in a multitude of bright colors – the focus here is not on complementing other colors in your wardrobe looking subtle – it’s maximum visibility.

    Click Below To Watch The Video – 7 Winter Jackets Men Must Have

    Ski Jackets Summary:

    • High visibility
    • Designed for alpine conditions

    So there we have it –  7 stylish winter jackets you can wear to keep warm and stylish.

    Now that you’re prepared for the weather, enhance your style with one of the great smelling winter fragrances.

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