Here’s What The Cast Of “You” Looked Like In Their


    Look how far they’ve come.

    It’s been over a week since You Season 3 dropped, and the cast is going to be your next obsession (if they aren’t already).

    While each of the actors have become characters we know and love on the Netflix series, they all started somewhere before they ended up in the You universe.

    John P. Fleenor / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    From Penn Badgley to Victoria Pedretti, we’ve rounded up how the cast looked in one of their first major onscreen roles vs. now. Check it out below:

    Penn Badgley

    DO OVER, Penn Badgley, 2002″,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”1373″,”width”:”1374″,”x_offset”:”130″,”y_offset”:”195″},”thumbnail_src”:”;130,195″,”alt_text”:”Penn Badgley in Do Over”},{“index”:1,”number”:2,”has_caption”:false,”image_type”:”jpg”,”image_src”:””,”images”:{“mobile”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”original”:{“height”:”1995″,”url”:””,”width”:”3000″},”standard”:{“height”:”416″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”625″},”wide”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”idx”:1,”original_src”:””,”image_src”:””,”nojs_src”:””},”original_src”:””,”width”:3000,”height”:1995,”attribution”:”John P. Fleenor / u00a9Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection”,”id”:”128019273″,”external_link_text”:null,”external_link_url”:””,”has_external_link”:false,”description”:””,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”1919″,”width”:”1918″,”x_offset”:”231″,”y_offset”:”49″},”thumbnail_src”:”;231,49″,”alt_text”:”Joe Goldberg in You Season 3″}], “id”: 128011579, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128011579}”} } ]]>

    The WB / Courtesy Everett Collection, John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: One of his first recurring roles on TV (outside of The Young and the Restless) was Joel Larsen in Do Over.

    Now: He plays Joe Goldberg on You.

    Victoria Pedretti

    Netflix, John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: She got her start as Nell Crain in The Haunting of Hill House.

    Now: She plays Love Quinn-Goldberg in You.

    Tati Gabrielle

    FREAKISH, (from left): Tati Gabrielle, Brant Daugherty, Amanda Steele, ‘Turning’, (Season 2, ep. 210, aired October 18, 2017). photo: Rachael Thompson / u00a9Hulu / courtesy Everett Collection”,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”719″,”width”:”719″,”x_offset”:”0″,”y_offset”:”82″},”thumbnail_src”:”;0,82″,”alt_text”:”Tati Gabrielle in Freakish”}], “id”: 128011582, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128011582}”} } ]]>

    John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection, Rachael Thompson / ©Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: Her first recurring TV role was Birdie on Freakish.

    Now: She plays Marienne on You.

    Shalita Grant

    PBS, John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: Her first recurring TV role was Aurelia Johnson on Mercy Street.

    Now: She plays Sherry on You.

    Travis Van Winkle

    TRANSFORMERS US 2007 TRAVIS VAN WINKLE TRANSFORMERS US 2007 TRAVIS VAN WINKLE Date 2007, Photo by: Mary Evans/DREAMWORKS SKG u00a9 2007 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserve/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection(10405743)”,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”773″,”width”:”773″,”x_offset”:”666″,”y_offset”:”20″},”thumbnail_src”:”;666,20″,”alt_text”:”Travis Van Winkle in Transformers”},{“index”:1,”number”:2,”has_caption”:false,”image_type”:”jpg”,”image_src”:””,”images”:{“mobile”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”original”:{“height”:”1995″,”url”:””,”width”:”3000″},”standard”:{“height”:”416″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”625″},”wide”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”idx”:1,”original_src”:””,”image_src”:””,”nojs_src”:””},”original_src”:””,”width”:3000,”height”:1995,”attribution”:”John P. Fleenor / u00a9Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection”,”id”:”128019413″,”external_link_text”:null,”external_link_url”:””,”has_external_link”:false,”description”:””,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”1013″,”width”:”1013″,”x_offset”:”1938″,”y_offset”:”205″},”thumbnail_src”:”;1938,205″,”alt_text”:”Cary in You Season 3″}], “id”: 128011584, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128011584}”} } ]]>

    Mary Evans / DreamWorks / Paramount Pictures / Ronald Grant/ Courtesy Everett Collection, John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: One of his first major film roles was Trent in Transformers.

    Now: He plays Cary on You.

    Dylan Arnold

    Universal Pictures, John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: His first major film was Halloween.

    Now: He plays Theo onYou.

    Saffron Burrows

    HOTEL DE LOVE, from left: Saffron burrows, Simon Bossell, Belinda McClory, 1996, u00a9 Live Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection”,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”854″,”width”:”854″,”x_offset”:”55″,”y_offset”:”185″},”thumbnail_src”:”;55,185″,”alt_text”:”Saffron Burrows in Hotel de Love”}], “id”: 128011616, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128011616}”} } ]]>

    Beth Dubber / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection, © Live Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: One of her earlier onscreen roles was as Melissa Morrison in Hotel de Love.

    Now: She plays Dottie Quinn in You.

    Scott Speedman

    FELICITY, Scott Speedman, 1998-2002″,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”1675″,”width”:”1675″,”x_offset”:”0″,”y_offset”:”85″},”thumbnail_src”:”;0,85″,”alt_text”:”Scott Speedman in Felicity”},{“index”:1,”number”:2,”has_caption”:false,”image_type”:”jpg”,”image_src”:””,”images”:{“mobile”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”original”:{“height”:”1995″,”url”:””,”width”:”3000″},”standard”:{“height”:”416″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”625″},”wide”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”idx”:1,”original_src”:””,”image_src”:””,”nojs_src”:””},”original_src”:””,”width”:3000,”height”:1995,”attribution”:”John P. Fleenor / u00a9Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection”,”id”:”128019407″,”external_link_text”:null,”external_link_url”:””,”has_external_link”:false,”description”:””,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”860″,”width”:”861″,”x_offset”:”370″,”y_offset”:”101″},”thumbnail_src”:”;370,101″,”alt_text”:”Matthew in You Season 3″}], “id”: 128011587, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128011587}”} } ]]>

    The WB / Courtesy Everett Collection, John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: One of his first recurring TV roles (outside of Nancy Drew) was Ben Covington on Felicity.

    Now: He plays Matthew Engler on You.

    Michaela McManus

    ONE TREE HILL, Michaela McManus, ‘In Da Club’, (Season 5, aired February 12, 2007), 2003-,. Photo: Fred Norris / u00a9THE CW / courtesy everett collection”,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”978″,”width”:”978″,”x_offset”:”115″,”y_offset”:”145″},”thumbnail_src”:”;115,145″,”alt_text”:”Michaela McManus in One Tree Hill”},{“index”:1,”number”:2,”has_caption”:false,”image_type”:”jpg”,”image_src”:””,”images”:{“mobile”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”original”:{“height”:”1995″,”url”:””,”width”:”3000″},”standard”:{“height”:”416″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”625″},”wide”:{“height”:”658″,”url”:”*”,”width”:”990″},”idx”:1,”original_src”:””,”image_src”:””,”nojs_src”:””},”original_src”:””,”width”:3000,”height”:1995,”attribution”:”John P. Fleenor / u00a9Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection”,”id”:”128019329″,”external_link_text”:null,”external_link_url”:””,”has_external_link”:false,”description”:””,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”1412″,”width”:”1412″,”x_offset”:”1354″,”y_offset”:”0″},”thumbnail_src”:”;1354,0″,”alt_text”:”Natalie in You Season 3″}], “id”: 128011588, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128011588}”} } ]]>

    Fred Norris / ©The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection, John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: Her first recurring TV role was Lindsey Strauss on One Tree Hill.

    Now: She plays Natalie Engler on You.

    Ayelet Zurer

    VANTAGE POINT, Ayelet Zurer, 2008. u00a9Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection”,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”737″,”width”:”737″,”x_offset”:”1094″,”y_offset”:”231″},”thumbnail_src”:”;1094,231″,”alt_text”:”Veronica in Vantage Point”}], “id”: 128011589, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128011589}”} } ]]>

    Netflix, ©Columbia Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then: One of her first major film roles was Veronica in Vantage Point.

    Now: She plays Dr. Chandra on You.

    What do you think of the new season? Let us know in the comments!

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